Boussinesq Lecture 2021

European Flooding Summer 2021

Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021, 09.30 – 18.00h
Location: Tinbergenzaal, KNAW, Amsterdam.

Registration: free of charge, but for badge, catering, and covid-rules purposes please register here before 20 October. Also the number of participants is limited due COVID-regulations. On site registration is NOT possible.

COVID: Due to the current Dutch COVID-regulations we have to check via de CoronaCheckApp whether you are vaccinated, have a negative test, or recently recovered from COVID. Also you have to show your ID-card.


09:30 Walk in PhD-event with coffee and tea
10:00 Short presentations by PhD-students

  • Coco Tang (TUD): Using DNA-tagged microparticle as a hydrological tracer in surface water hydrodynamics
  • Teun van Woerkom (UU): Playing new school TETRIS; Historic river dike heterogeneity and its effect on pore pressure evolution.
  • Changrang Zhou (TUD): Confidence curves for change points in hydrometeorological time series.
  • Jingwei Zhou (WUR): Diagnosing the Spatial Contrasts in Land Surface Influences on Heatwaves.
  • Lianyu Yu (ITC): STEMMUS ESM Framework: Understanding the Groundwater-Soil Water-Plant-Energy Interactions in Cold Regions.
  • Dirk Eilander (VU): Towards globally-applicable locally-relevant compound flood risk modelling: a framework for automated and reproducible model setup and coupling.
  • Hong Zhao (ITC): Modeling of Microwave Multi-Frequency Emission and Backscatter with a Community Land Active Passive Microwave Radiative Transfer Modelling Platform (CLAP)

12:15 Lunch for PhD-event attendees

13:00 Walk in with coffee and tea
13:30 Introduction by chairman prof. Nick van de Giesen
13:35 Patrick Willems (KU Leuven): Impacts and lessons learned from the July 2021 flood in Belgium
14:15 Sjoukje Philip (KNMI): Rapid attribution of heavy precipitation leading to the severe flooding in Western Europe during July 2021
15:00 coffee break
15:30 Gijs van den Munckhof (Waterschap Limburg): Behind the scenes of the 2021 summer flood in Limburg
16:15 Hermjan Barneveld (WUR): What happened under water in July flood? Meuse Morphology.
16:30 Closure and drinks

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