Boussinesq Award

Every two years the Boussinesq Center for Hydrology awards the Boussinesq Award to a mid-career scientist who contributed with innovative research of great importance for the further development of hydrology as a scientific discipline.


  • 2021: Ryan Teuling (Wageningen University)
  • 2017: Walter Immerzeel (Utrecht University)
  • 2013: Richard de Jeu (Free University Amsterdam)

Nomination Guidelines

Any person is eligible to receive the Boussinesq Award that fulfills the following criteria:

  • The Boussinesq Award will be given to a person for his/her outstanding scientific contributions to hydrological sciences. These contributions must be based on innovative research and of great importance to the further development of hydrology as a scientific discipline.
  • The Boussinesq Award is a mid-career award. Therefore, the target group comprises hydrologists who earned their highest academic degree roughly in the last 5-15 years. Thus, this is not an award targeting young scientists (e.g. recent PhD graduates), or very senior scientists for their life-time achievements. The Boussinesq Center board felt that there are number of awards by different professional organizations focusing on these groups.
  • The nominated person should have a link to the Netherlands and/or Belgium, for instance, he/she has studied or worked for some time at a knowledge institute based in the Netherlands and/or Belgium. Long-term sabbatical stays in The Netherlands and/or Belgium and extensive collaboration with Dutch/Belgian based scientists are also sufficient. The research subject does not need to be related to The Netherlands and/or Belgium as a country or to the Dutch/Belgian hydrology. Also, the gender/origin/nationality of the candidate are not relevant.
  • A person can receive the Boussinesq Award only once in his/her lifetime.
  • Any persons can nominate; self-nominations are not appreciated.