Boussinesq Lecture 2020: Sonia Seneviratne

Date: April 8th, 2021person-detail.person_image
Location: online during NAC2021
Subject: Drought
Speaker: Sonia Seneviratne, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
Other speakers: Ruud Bartholomeus (WUR/KWR) and Yijiang Zeng (ITC)

This year the Boussinesq Lecture will be held during NAC 2021, the Dutch Geosciences conference. This 2-day conference, organized by the Dutch Research Council NWO, will be fully online this year. During NAC, the Boussinesq Center will have a dedicated session, where we will organize an interesting program including the keynote lecture by Sonia Seneviratne.

Further information will follow on this website and on the website of NAC2021.

Registration is now open