Boussinesq Lecture 2019: Destouni

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019, 10.00 – 18.00 hDESTOUNI_georgia.jpg
Location: Tinbergenzaal, KNAW, Amsterdam
Subject: Water quality
Speaker: Georgia (Gia) Destouni, Stockholm University, Sweden
Other speakers: Tim van Emmerik (Wageningen University) and Ann van Griensven (Free University Brussels/IHE Delft)

Registration: free of charge, but for badge and catering purposes please register here.


09:30 Walk in PhD-event with coffee and tea
10:00 Short presentations by PhD-students

    • Dominik Schumacher (Ghent University) “Amplification of mega-heatwaves through heat torrents fuelled by upwind drought”
    • Alexandra Urgilez Vinueza (TU Delft) “Characterization of a deep-seated landslide in the tropical Ecuadorian Andes – Guarumales case study”
    • Behnaz Arabi (ITC-Twente University) “Remote Sensing of Water Quality in the Wadden Sea”
    • Liang Yu (VU Amsterdam) “Spatial and temporal dynamics of surface water quality in Amsterdam”
    • Jude King (Utrecht University) “Regional groundwater salinity mapping using airborne electromagnetics”
    • Joost Buitink (Wageningen University) “The distributed simple dynamical systems model for computationally efficient hydrological modelling”
    • Ruben Imhoff (Wageningen University) “Spatial and temporal evaluation of radar rainfall nowcasting techniques on 1536 events”
    • Annabel Vaessens (VU Brussels) “Water re-use of treated wastewater for irrigation and groundwater recharge: effects on quantity and quality of groundwater”

12:15 Lunch for PhD-event attendees

13:00 Walk in with coffee and tea
13:30 Introduction by chairman
13:40 Georgia Destouni (Stockholm University): “Water quality in the changing hydroclimate”
14:40 Coffee break
15:00 Tim van Emmerik (Wageningen University): “Plastic debris in rivers”
15:45 Ann van Griensven (Free University Brussels/IHE): “Water quality modelling: science or bluffing?”
16:30 Closure and drinks