Boussinesq Lecture 2013: Blöschl

Date: October 24, 2013, 13:30-17:15h
Speaker: prof. Günter Blöschl, TU Wien
Location: Royal Neterlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) Amsterdam, Tinbergenzaal
Subject: Floods in a changing world
Other speakers: Patrick Willems (KU Leuven), Giuliano Di Baldassarre (Unesco-IHE)

Note that the Boussinesq Lecture is preceded by the 2013 PhD meeting of the Boussinesq Center, including a poster session during lunch.

Please register by sending an email to Roel Dijksma


09.00 Opening PhD event with coffee and tea for PhD students
09.30 PhD event:

09.30 Inge de Graaf ‘Global scale groundwater flow model’ (Bierkens Group, UU)
09.45 Luwen Zhuang ‘Study on water horizontal redistribution in soil’ (Hassanizadeh Group, UU)
10.00 Stefanie Lutz ‘A stable isotope sources and sinks model for combined source apportionment and quantification of degradation of environmental pollutants’ (Bruijnzeel/Dolman Group, VU)
10.15 Lieke Melsen ‘Parameter uncertainty and identification in hydrological models’(Uijlenhoet Group, WUR)
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Tanja Euser ‘Performance and consistency of conceptual models which account for spatial heterogeneity’ (Savenije Group, TUD)
11.15 Congli Dong ‘The impact of climate change on the future water availability in the Yellow River Basin, China’ (Van de Giesen Group, TUD)
11.30 Patricia Trambauer ‘Seasonal hydrological forecasting for early warning in the Limpopo River Basin’ (Uhlenbrook Group, IHE)
11.45 Xuelong Chen ‘A 10 years land surface energy balance product for China landmass’ (Su Group, ITC)
12.00 Lunch for PhD students

13.00 Opening Boussinesq Lecture with coffee and tea
13.30 Introduction by chairman
13.40 Günther Bloeschl (TU Wien): Floods and climate change
14.30 Coffee break
14.45 Patrick Willems (KU Leuven): Multidecadal climate oscillations and trends in hydrological extremes
15.15 Giuliano Di Baldassarre (Unesco-IHE): Conceptualizing human-flood interactions in a changing climate
15.45 Martine van de Ploeg (Wageningen Univ): First results of the Boussinesq Center task force
16.00 Panel discussion. Chairman: Stefan Uhlenbrook (Unesco-IHE); panel members: Günther Bloeschl (TU Wien), Hendrik Buiteveld (RWS), Patrick Willems (KU Leuven) and Giuliano Di Baldassarre (Uneco-IHE)
16.45 Closure by chairman
16.50 Drinks

During the whole day there will be te possibility to show posters, all coffee breaks are poster sessions